Businesses just like yours are saving a lot of money by making the switch to LED lighting systems. On average, LEDs last for more than 5 years of constant operation and unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, they contain no mercury. Plus, LEDs consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and emit only 5% of their energy as heat -- all excellent considerations for responsible and sustainable operations.

Benefits of LED Lighting


LEDs are a double-benefit to your pocket book. These lights use 80-85% less energy compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs with a similar brightness (lumens) and they give off less excess heat. So not only do they last longer but they use less electricity too.


Did you know that governments, power authorities, and private organizations are offering grants or low interest loans to allow businesses, municipalities and homeowners to reduce their energy consumption? Lightenco can secure subsidies on your behalf so you can maximize your investment and minimize costs. Switching to LED lights while these programs are in place can significantly reduce the cost of upgrades.


Once installed, you'll never have to think about changing a light bulb. At 10 hours usage per day, LEDs have an average 10-13 year lifespan and even after 50,000 hours only lose a certain portion of their luminance and do not burn out completely like other bulbs do. LEDs work well in cold temperatures and are made with durable circuitry so you'll rarely break a bulb.


Feel good about making a responsible choice. LEDs are not harmful to humans. They do not contain mercury unlike the closest alternative in terms of performance, CFLs, which do contain mercury and can leach deadly compounds into the air and water supply as well as contaminate landfills. Mercury exposure can affect brain, kidney, liver and spinal cord function leading to memory loss, difficulty moving and other symptoms. LED lights also do not emit UV or IR light, both of which can have detrimental health implications especially for our skin.


​​Watch a video about the health implications of CFLs and
advantages of LED lights.


You shine under the right lighting. Do you need a warm, cool, bright, intense or subdued setting? Lighting is an integral part of a beautifully designed environment and LEDs are available in a wide range of colour temperatures that turn on instantly without flickering. We're a team of expert lighting designers that works with you to create the best atmosphere for your space.

​​The way of the future

You'll be ready for the future -- intelligent building control and greater operational efficiency. LED lights can be easily integrated with networked systems designed to only use electricity when it is required. Lighting can be controlled through automatic occupancy, daylight sensing, and even via remote controls or software applications.