There is a lot to consider when choosing products for your lighting application and we remove the stress and complexity around making the right choices. We focus on personalizing the selection of products for each project, although you can browse our complete catalogue online by clicking here. Once we set you up, you'll have peace of mind — every day our quality products are being used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces from public streets and arenas to hospitals, stores and restaurants.


​​Products Chosen Specifically For You

Personalization is about uncovering the unique needs of each client. Your hotel may be trying to create a warm, luxurious, atmosphere in the open spaces while your store may have concerns around proper lighting for window displays and change rooms. No two spaces are alike and neither are two LED lamps. Our on-site consultations and lighting audits allow us to know our clients intimately and make product choices that take more than energy and electricity into account. It's important that we select products based on the ambience that you're trying to create. You may wish to add colour elements with control or keep things clean and simple. In every situation, our main goal is to enhance your lighting while lowering your operational costs.

​​It's All About Application

We are not married to one type of product and we choose the appropriate luminaire and fixture for your unique application. Unlike with traditional forms of lighting such as incandescent or halogen lamps, LEDs require a careful selection and trial process. There are thousands of manufacturers with hundreds of varieties of each type of luminaire in the world of LEDs. Variables such as the light output (lumens), colour of light (temperature), dimming quality, light quality (CRI – Colour Rendering Index) and efficacy can differ considerably from product to product. Our LED luminaires are of the highest quality and typically meet strict performance standards such as Energy Star or Design Lights Consortium (DLC) and safety certification such as cUL or cETL.