Solar panels are a great solution that provides clean, renewable, emissions-free energy for your home and business and Lightenco is committed to helping homeowners and businesses benefit from these cost-effective sources of electricity while reducing our national GHG emissions.

Why Renewable Solar Installations?

Installing solar panels for your home or your business will generate clean, renewable electricity that can be used to offset the cost of your heating, cooling, and electrical bills while reducing the use of GHG emissions, increasing your home value, and mitigating the effects of fluctuating electricity and gas prices.

Our Service

  • Assessment of your Home or Business
  • Proposal for Installation and Solar Recommendations
  • Help Navigating Government Incentive Programs
  • Managing Paperwork from Engineering to Connection Applications
  • Installation (All electrical work is subcontracted to Licensed Electrical Contractors)
  • Commissioning of the Solar System

Request an Assessment

Contact Lightenco for a solar assessment for your home or business and start saving electricity and lowering your carbon footprint considerably!


Solar Panel Subsidies and Programs

There are programs throughout Canada that offer incentives and loans for the installation of solar panels, and Lightenco can help you navigate through these programs to help make the process easier and your solar installation more economical.