Commercial LED Lights Ottawa

    As a lighting contracting company, Lightenco (Lighting Enhancement Corporation), we give the same spiel to our clients about the huge advantages of LED lighting with our retrofit solutions.  When we make our elevator pitch to switch over to LED lighting the common response is “well, that may be nice, but we aren’t sure about our budgeting or scheduling or the return on investment”. Though these concerns are valid, and we would be hypocrites if our company didn’t have the same concerns in our investments, here is our approach to overcoming those obstacles.

    Commercial LED Lights Ottawa
    • September



    Like most college students, after exams were finally done I now had to take what I had learned from school and with any luck find a job in my choice of study. This is where I stumbled upon a company called Lightenco. Through Lightenco I quickly realized the saving effect of switching to LED light bulbs throughout your business or to your home. Now knowing the full impact of how LED lights compare to your common incandescent and CFL lights let me show you the differences.